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“Before Cash4Karma®, my life was filled with grief. I recently began an affair and in turn my fortune became increasing ill. The whole universe seemed to be against me! Then a friend recommended Cash4Karma® and everything turned around. Finally, I get to keep sneaking around on my partner without facing the cosmic wrath!”

-Robert, 48, Akron, OH

“Stealing and lying is a big part of my life. Nothing huge—just some office supplies and harmless fibs. After realizing I was being punished for these habits in other ways, I sought out a way to eradicate the stains of bad karma. I found Cash4Karma® and have been using their services ever since. The relief was immediate and my life has never been better!”

-Tina, 24, Waterloo, ON

“I love to party more than anything, but just couldn’t handle the spiritual hangovers! I do some terrible stuff when I’m messed up, but who wants to pay the consequences for things you barely remember? Everyday became a struggle—nothing was going my way. Thank God, I contacted Cash4Karma®. All I have to worry about now is cops and alcohol poisoning!”

-Mickey, 32, Denver, CO

“Honestly, I have no idea what I’ve done wrong... Maybe I was a terrible person in a previous life, just paying the toll this time around. I was skeptical when my girlfriend first suggested Cash4Karma®—I’m not sure I believe or even understand the concept... but surprisingly enough it worked! The unjustified misfortunes that plagued my days are no more. Thanks, Cash4Karma®!”

-Melanie, 29, Victoria, BC

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